Automotive Sales

Vehicle Locator / Broker for new and used cars and hold accounts with various suppliers of Auto Accessories.

  • Broker of New and Used Cars
  • Engel Fridges
  • Black Duck Seat Covers
  • Auto Accessories

“If it’s got wheels, we can help”

Zumac Enterprises use local, state and interstate dealerships to help YOU get the “deal you want, on the vehicle you want”.

As a Vehicle Locator / Broker we use our extensive dealer network to, reduce your time, to find the car you want and get the best deal. We also take away the fear of dealing with the “used car salesman” and the feeling of being “ripped off”.

We are working in your interest so we get the best deal for YOU.

We source all makes and models of new vehicles; we can even help find second hand vehicles for you to view.

When looking to add those all important “toys”, remember to give us a call.

We can supply Engel and Black Duck products to name a couple and can even arrange delivery.