About Us

We have 2 primary services:

  1. Agricultural Supplies – Providing a large range of quality Pesticides and Adjuvants to the Rural Community via a vast Re-seller Network.
  2. Vehicle Brokering – To help people locate and buy the best value vehicle through the vast network of resources and contacts we have. Auto accessories is another way we support our successful brokering service.

How we ended up here:

Established as a privately owned, family business in March of 2010 by Brad & Lucy McAuliffe, Zumac Enterprises has evolved with experience in Agriculture sales and building on business opportunities that have presented.

Our aim is to have a business that supports our relationship with both our customers and our suppliers, linking both together. Providing trust and value to our customers whilst building on trust and continuity of business with suppliers.

Appointed as the Western Australian state agent for Wilchem shortly after starting the business and adding Conquest Crop Protection as a Sales Agent, we are looking to strengthen our relationship with these two businesses moving forward to provide value to our customers in Agriculture.

Working in the Agriculture sector creates flexibility due to the ever changing requirements of those involved. When involved as a sale person you need to be able to adapt to ensure you are buying the right product at the right price. In a sense, you are acting as a Locator / Broker of products. This back ground has assisted in developing a business Locating / Brokering motor vehicles.

The idea of linking contacts (clients) looking for new vehicles with dealerships is not new but it is a matter of linking “trust”. A novel idea but it works. Having a network of dealerships has enabled us to save our clients money but also importantly time and stress. We locate cars that match our clients’ needs when they have had trouble finding the car they want. We do the “running” around to get the best vehicle for for them.

Our range of Auto accessories is growing and we hope to be able to offer clients a wide range of options when they buy their new vehicle and want to add some “toys”, including Black Duck – Canvas seat covers and Engel Fridges. We also have relationships with installers of accessories so can point you in the right direction.

Referrals are an important part of any successful business so we do the best we can to ensure our clients feel confident in referring us to friends and family.  We also have a significant referral network to assist us, in ensuring our client’s, can feel confident that they will be receiving value for money with whatever they need. We hope you find this useful.

Please contact us to see how we can save you money on your next vehicle or agricultural supplies purchase.


Brad & Lucy